BOG WOODWORKS Cranberry Scoops
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Hand made in the heart of New Jersey's 'Pine Barrens' cranberry country !

FREE SHIPPING  - We are wood workers that still make cranberry scoops the old fashioned way. Each scoop consists of steam bent fingers, all screws are brass, the handles are hand formed and a screen mesh covers the top. The majority of our scoops are used as decorative conversation pieces. We do however have a few neighbors that 'dry pick' with our scoops. Each scoop is distressed, stained, branded and comes with a stand so it can be displayed or utilized upright for magazines, plants, fruit etc. etc. etc ............

Cultivation of the cranberry began in the early 1800's.  Contrary to popular belief, cranberries do not grow  in water. Instead, they grow on vines in impermeable beds layered with sand, peat, clay, and gravel.  These beds, are commonly known as "bogs" . Some  cranberry vines are more than 150 years old. The  major growing areas in North America include Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Wisconsin, Washington and Canada.  

We even have two customers in New Zealand ! 





In 1850 the first cranberry scoops were used for harvesting. In 1910 the 'rocker scoop' was designed to replace earlier and more labor intense type scoops.

Our scoops are 'rocker scoops'  which allowed the pickers to place the wooden fingers under the vine and 'rock' the scoop back in order to pick the berries. Hand scooping was replaced with  mechanical dry harvesters in about 1947. Today, most growers flood their bogs and 'wet harvest' their berries; which float.

About 10% of berries are 'dry harvested' today and are considered the 'premium berries' because they have not been floated in water and thus stay fresher.



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