BOG WOODWORKS Cranberry Scoops
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Our Scoops

Our scoops are entirely hand-made with steam-bent fingers, curved backing and a screen covering the top. The finish is somewhat distressed complemented with an antique stain, all screws are solid brass and each scoop is fire branded with our 'Bog Woodworks' logo. A sturdy stand is included with each scoop so it can be displayed or utilized in an upright position.

 Note: Scoops built specifically for picking have straight fingers so they can be easily be replaced.


                          SMALL SCOOP

     Wood     : Spruce with hardwood fingers

     Size        : 19 L  x  12 W  x  10 H

     Weight :  9 Lbs. (Shipping included in Price)

     Fingers :  12 (steam bent hardwood)



                      LARGE SCOOP

      Wood     : Spruce with hardwood fingers

     Size        : 22 L  x  19  W  x  10 H

     Weight :  16 Lbs. (Shipping included in Price)

     Fingers :  22 (steam bent hardwood)



    All steam-bent fingers are attached with brass screws,
    as was the originals. As pickers gathered berries in the
    bogs, fingers would break and needed to be easily
    replaced. Thus the screws across the bottom of the
    cross-member that holds the fingers.

   Most pickers rented scoops and would have to pay 1 or
   2 cents to have broken scoop fingers replaced !




     Since the majority of our customers use our scoops
     for decorative conversation pieces we include a stand 
     so the scoop can be displayed/utilized in an upright 
     position. It's perfect for magazines, plants, fruit etc.

               It's Americana at its best !

          If you are going to pick berries, please let us know.

        FREE SHIPPING within the lower 48 states !

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